Bose F1 812
F1812Flexible Array Loudspeaker. 8x 2.5" drivers in a moveable array, with a 12" woofer and 1000w amplification.
Bose F1 Sub
F1Sub1000w dual 10" subwoofer
Bose L1 Model II
L1M224-Driver articulated line array
Bose L1 Model 1S
L1M1S12-Driver articulated line array
Bose L1 Compact
L1CCompact 6-driver array system
with 2-channel mixer integrated
S1 Pro - New
T4 - T8Ultimate All-in-one Speaker system
with Bluetooth and optional battery.
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Tonematch - New Models
T4 - T8Digital mixers designed for Bose PA systems.
Individual processing and effects for every channel. New models include full Stereo processing, Headphone jack and more connection options.

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